Britt Burgmeier

Duties as described in the Town Charter

It shall be the duty of the Marshal to suppress all riots, disturbances, and breaches of the peace and to apprehend all riotons and disorderly persons or disturbers of the peace and forthwith convey them before the Mayor, and in case of resistance, it shall be lawful for him to command the aid of any bystanders in apprehending and conveying said offender to the Mayor's office, and it shall be the duty of the Mayor forthwith to hear and determine such complaint or the Marshal shall be authorized to arrest and commit to the jail of the County, any person or persons who may be disturbing the peace of the town, and who shall refuse to desist from such disturbance at his request of command; but such imprisonment shall not exceed in duration at anyone time more than twelve hours.

It shall be the duty of the Marshal to receive and execute all process issued by the Mayor, and he shall be governed in his official acts by the laws of the State regulating the duties of the Constables, and shall have a right to charge and collect the same fees as are allowed to Constables for similar services, and it shall be the duty of the Marshal to act in the capacity of street Commissioners and delinquent tax collector.