Clionian Society

The Clionian Society of Vernon was the first organized women's club in the state of Indiana. A copy of the consitution of the Clionian Society was found in 1922 when the old Jennings Academy was torn down. The copy was dated July 17, 1858, the date the society had charge of the cornerstone laying. An earlier faded copy shows a date of July 17, 1855 and seems more likely to be the actual date.

The purpose of the Vernon Clionian Society was the mutual improvement of its members. Two classes of membership were included - "honorary membership" for persons who were elected because of "intellectual greatness" and "ordinary membership" for those who had been connected with the old Vernon Seminary.

The Club was reorganized in 1920 and became known as the Vernon Clionian Club. Its objective was the moral, social educational and civic up building of Vernon and the community through a united effort. The organization has always been proud of Vernon's heritage and has played an active role in the cultural enrichment of the community.